Year of the Dragon New Year Gift Box

The busy and wonderful Year of the Rabbit is coming to an end, and the Year of the Dragon is coming🐲
CHA-EN selects three Year of the Dragon New Year gift boxes to send to relatives and friends, corporate gifts, and to share with family members!
Let the mellow tea fragrance lead you through the warm moments of the festive season✨

Ruyi Double Can Gift Box 

Alishan Oolong Tea 50g
Lishan Oolong Tea 50g

Caiyuan Guangjin Double Can Teacup Gift Box 

Alishan Oolong Tea 75g
Lishan Oolong Tea 75g

Everything goes well double-layered gift box

Upper layer (2 types of tea products)
Oriental Beauty Tea 50g
Honey Black Tea 50g

Lower floor (4 types of refreshments)
Tieguanyin pumpkin seeds
tea sugar
Tieguanyin tribute sugar nougat
Aiwen dried mango
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