Tea Garden CHA-EN Blue Sky Teahouse

Taiwan is gradually entering winter, and 2023 is coming to an end. It makes people feel the breath of winter.
Today I will introduce Tea Garden CHA-EN Blue Sky Teahouse.

1. Blue Sky Teahouse 

Spend a luxurious time different from usual under the blue sky.

Our nostalgic tea banquet at Qingkong Teahouse allows you to enjoy the street view of Dihua Street in Taipei Old City.
Each tea serving provides 5 grams of tea leaves and seasonal refreshments.

2.Tea products from Aozong Teahouse (7 types in total)
・Alishan Jinxuan Oolong Tea (Taiwan Tea No. 12)
・Muzha Tieguanyin Tea
・Oriental Beauty Tea
・Honey Black Tea
・Lishan Mountain Oolong Tea
・Sun Moon Lake Ruby Black Tea (Taiwan Tea No. 18)
・Bitan Piaoxue (Jasmine Tea)
(All tea products can be brewed 4-5 times.)

3. Tea banquet business hours 

Wednesday to Monday: 10:00 - 17:00
(last tea order time 16:00)
(Closed on Tuesday)
※Special opening on December 26 (Tuesday) and January 2 (Tuesday) during the year-end and New Year holidays

4.Chayuan CHA-EN
Nearest station:
Taipei Main Station. 5-minute walk from North Gate Station
No. 2, Lane 32, Section 1, Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei City

Looking forward to meeting you at the end of the year.

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