Tea Withering

#Withering, an essential process in the making of black, white, and oolong tea, involves reducing moisture in the tea leaves and enhancing the aroma and flavor of the tea.

In order to adjust the water content in tea, the indoor temperature and humidity need to be adjusted to the optimal state. At night, the farmer constantly judges the degree of fermentation of the tea through the sense of smell. It requires concentration and if there are any errors, the tea will not be as good as expected, or not even be able to sell it.

During the busy period of tea making, sometimes it is necessary to stay up late for several days in a row to perform the withering process. I think of the hard work that the tea masters put into making a good tea.

After withering, the tea leaves have aromas like flowers and fruits. The space is filled with the fragrance of tea, which is the smell of happiness😌

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