Tea garden CHA-EN store

The meaning of Chaen is "Tea Imperial Garden".

Chaen CHA-EN has a store in Old Town, Dihua Street in Taipei. This is a very important place in the history of Taiwanese tea.

The interior of the store is based on wood and decorated with bamboo, creating a calm and healing space. At the tasting corner in one corner of the shop, you can feel the atmosphere of an old tea room with antique-style tea tables and chairs and landscape paintings on the walls.

The tea leaves of the tea garden are selected one by one by the owner who goes to each tea garden and relies on his own sense of taste and smell. In addition, the product package has an oriental theme, and the design is reminiscent of the beautiful colors of Taiwanese tea.

In addition, each of the tea utensils is from Taiwan, China, etc., and can be said to be the owner's treasured possession. A good tea utensil is essential for good tea. Each one is a vessel for life and a vessel for the spirit.

There is a small tea room in front of the shop. At this place, you can enjoy a cup of tea while enjoying the tasteful architecture of Old Town (Laojie) away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We will serve tea brewed with all our heart to customers who come to our tea garden.

When you come to Dihua Street, please stop by the tea garden.

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