Indulgence in one’s tea, looking forward to a unique experience

Taiwanese tea, each tea leaf is an embodiment of the meticulous craftsmanship of tea masters with genuine commitment to tea.Taiwan's favorable topography, soil, and climate are conducive for the cultivation of quality tea leaves.Taiwanese tea, with its umami rich flavour, spreads a fragrant aroma from the moment it is brewed.With each varying brew of tea, one can heal by reveling in the unique fragrance and distinct aromas of tea.Every tea in CHA-EN's collection is personally appraised by the founder, who visits tea farms personally, carefully sampling and selecting premium quality teas. At CHA-EN, we hope to share these quality Taiwanese teas with you, letting the warmth of tea fragrance accompany your every moment and bringing a taste of happiness

Our Passion for Tea

The pursuit of 'Taste the Finest Teas' at CHA-EN encompasses:

1.Certified Tea Farmers

We exclusively source our finest teas from the artisans. Our tea farmers are sincere and dedicated to managing their tea plantations and producing high-quality tea. We frequently visit their tea gardens, listening to their best practices of cultivating exceptional tea.

2. Careful Tea Selection

Our commitment extends beyond the sourcing. We meticulously curate premium teas produced in each harvest season, namely spring and winter tea. We take into consideration your preferences, providing you the wide spectrum of tea to appreciate and choose from.

3. Design Philosophy

Our design is inspired by oriental taste, aiming to blend traditional and contemporary oriental cultures. Our packaging features soft tones that evoke a gentle ambiance during tea sessions. On our carry bags, we imprint 'Beauties Wandering'—a masterpiece by the Northern Song Dynasty painter Li Gonglin. We seek to convey the aesthetic beauty of ancient China in a modern context, enriching the spiritual aspect through oriental aesthetics.

4. Personalized Tea Experience

We place great importance on the origin and quality of our teas,recommending tea selections and brewing methods tailored to individual preference and occasions. 

Tea can mediate the rhythm of life

Teatime is a cherished moment, offering elegance and tranquillity, a time to nurture oneself. We provide everything you need to feel satisfied.