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茶 苑 CHA-EN

Osmanthus Oolong Tea

Osmanthus Oolong Tea

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Osmanthus Oolong Tea | 桂花烏龍茶

 Origin: Alishan, Jiayi ,Taiwan

 Tasting notes: Osmanthus, floral, gentle

 Oxidation: ⦿⦿○○

 Benefits: dieting , helps fat burning

 Production date: 2023. 10 (Winter)

"桂花 Gui Hua" means sweet osmanthus. Osmanthus Oolong Tea is a fragrant oolong tea made from high-quality Alishan high mountain tea leaves and natural osmanthus petals and buds. You can taste the comforting sweetness of high mountain tea and the elegant sweetness of osmanthus.The floral fragrance of osmanthus blooms spreads in the mouth, bringing a soothing sensation to both the mind and the body. Osmanthus Oolong tea is only picked once a year. 

There are 10 tea bags in the box, and the tea bags are made from natural corn materials, which are body friendly.



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