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茶 苑 CHA-EN

Ru ware Tea cup 40ml

Ru ware Tea cup 40ml

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Ru Ware | 汝窯杯

Material: Ceramic
Place of origin: Taiwan
Volume: 40ml(to the brim)
Dimensions: ⌀60mm, H40mm

Ru ware is a type of celadon pottery produced during the late Northern Song Dynasty in China. Its name refers to both the kiln and the pottery produced there. In Chinese tea culture, teacups are made small so that they can always serve the hot tea.

Ru ware teacups are known for their "clear sky after rain" color, resembling a pale blue with a hint of grey, and feature crackle patterns resembling cicada wings. As these cups are used, the tea color gradually permeates the crackle pattern, creating a unique appearance. This tea cup is suitable for daily tea drinking as well as for decorative and artistic purposes.


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