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茶 苑 CHA-EN

Camomile Tea

Camomile Tea

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Camomile Tea | 胎菊

 Origin: Zhenjiang, China

 Tasting notes: Camomile, gentle, fruity

 Benefits: relaxation, helps sleep, tired eyes, caffeine-free

 Production date: 2023

The hometown of chrysanthemum is in Zhejiang Province. Womb chrysanthemum means chrysanthemum buds. It's a caffeine-free tea that doesn't use any tea leaves, so it's perfect for relaxing before bedtime. It is also safe for those who is sensitive to caffeine. Chrysanthemum flowers are also used in Chinese medicine, and have long been said to be good for tired eyes in China.

Put about 5 buds in a mug, etc., and pour boiling water directly. Extraction time is around 1 minute. Over time, the tight buds loosen and the flowers bloom in the hot water. It has a mild flavor with little peculiarity. You can brew  two to three times while extending the extraction time little by little.

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