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茶 苑 CHA-EN

Lychee Black Tea

Lychee Black Tea

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Lychee Black Tea | 荔枝紅茶

 Origin: Zhushan, Nantou,Taiwan

 Tasting notes: Honey, mellow aroma, sweet

 Oxidation: ⦿⦿⦿⦿

 Benefits: Improves blood circulation, warms the body, stress relief

 Production date: 2024. 06 (Spring)

Taiwanese black tea, a fragrant tea mixed with lychee and Honey black tea. The unique lychee aroma blends perfectly with the black tea. The aroma of black tea and lychee spreads in the mouth, with multi-layered flavors and amazing flavors.

There are 20 tea bags in the box, and the tea bags are made from natural corn materials, which are body friendly.


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