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茶 苑 CHA-EN

Glass Tea Pitcher 140ml

Glass Tea Pitcher 140ml

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Glass Tea Pitcher | 隨性茶海

Material: Glass
Place of origin: Taiwan
Volume: 140ml(to the brim)
⌀100mm, H70mm

Tea pitcher, or "Cha Hai" in Chinese, is used to equalize the strength of tea. In Taiwanese and Chinese tea culture, tea brewed in a teapot or gaiwan is poured into a spouted tea pitcher to even out the flavor before being poured into teacups for drinking.

The Glass Tea Pitcher features a simple design that complements various materials and colors of teaware. It is designed to prevent water spillage when pouring tea, it has excellent drainage. Its height is optimized to reduce heat when held. It enhances the beauty of tea color when brewing, making it an essential teaware for enjoying Taiwanese and Chinese teas.


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