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茶 苑 CHA-EN

日月潭紅玉紅茶(台茶18號) - Ruby18 Black Tea(Taicha No. 18)

日月潭紅玉紅茶(台茶18號) - Ruby18 Black Tea(Taicha No. 18)

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Taiwanese black tea grown by the Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County, central Taiwan. Yuchi Township is located at about the same latitude as Assam, India, the world's top tea-producing region. " Ruby18 Black Tea (Taicha No. 18)" is a tea-leaf kind that is unique to Taiwan that has undergone repeated quality improvement. It was named Ruby18 because the tea ceremony is orange. A scent is reminiscent of natural cinnamon and mint. It is one of the most famous Taiwanese teas in the world.

 ■Place of Manufacture:Taiwan

■Net Weight:40g

■Price  NT $650

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